RIM to lower price tiers for BlackBerry apps

BlackBerry users should begin to see affordable prices for mobile apps, thanks to BlackBerry 10.

Life long blackberry fans

To push its upcoming mobile OS, Research in motion sales is beginning a new global pricing plan in their BlackBerry World store.

As described in the RIM article yesterday, the new pricing tiers used in a shop will incorporate currency exchange rates and value-added tax requirements. The idea would be to ensure that app prices stay consistent and competitive throughout the world.

The brand new pricing tiers will first attain the U.K. and Europe, affecting the British pound and euro. RIM promises it'll unveil updates with other currencies around the world right after the initial round.

Life long blackberry fans

BlackBerry app developers do not need to make any move, as the updates will probably be applied automatically. However they can adjust the pricing tier for their apps in any country.


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